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Jeanne's work is rooted in her passion for equipping children and their caregivers with tools for meeting the challenges that childhood can bring, while strengthening the relationship between child and parent.

Young child (girl) playing Hide and Seek

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Jeanne specializes in these treatments:

Play therapy


Play is so important to children. Through play, children express their thoughts and feelings, solve problems, work through fears and emotional hurts, and practice skills for adult life. Play therapy helps young children heal from trauma, deal with life changes, gain mastery over fear and anxiety, and improve social skills and behaviour.

When a child has had something bad, sad, or scary happen to them, play helps them through the healing process. In the presence of a trained play therapist, the child is able to process what has happened, express what they are feeling, and begin to gain mastery over the things that scare them.

Indigenous family dolls, home, canoes, and glass symbols. Sand tray in Dr. Jeanne Williams's play therapy psychology office

Jeanne is credentialed by the Canadian Association for Play Therapy as a Certified Play Therapist-Supervisor. (CPT-S     )


Creative healing for children of all ages

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy


Child plays with their father

In Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT), Dr. Williams will teach you how to conduct special play sessions with your children that will help them to develop self confidence and  self-regulation while building a fun and positive  relationship between parent and child.

Jeanne has received extensive training in CPRT from Dr. Sue Bratton and Dr. Garry Landreth, who developed this  evidence-based treatment.

The relationship is the therapy

Help for kids with challenging behaviours


Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) is an evidence-based model of care that helps caregivers focus on identifying the problems that are causing concerning behaviors in kids and solving those problems collaboratively and proactively.

Father and child playing checkers game, talking, solving problems


As problems are solved, the parent-child relationship is strengthened and challenging behaviours are reduced, all while children are developing new and important cognitive skills.

Jeanne is a Certified Provider of Collaborative and Proactive Solutions, Dr. Ross Greene's groundbreaking and research-supported approach to treating disruptive behaviour disorders.

Solve problems : Improve behaviour


Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for anxiety, fears, OCD

Tame fears, worries, anxiety

Toy ghost that represents fears, worries, anxiety, OCD in children for cognitive behavioural therapy

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) has long been the standard for evidence-based treatment of anxiety, specific phobias, OCD,

and more. Jeanne  adapts CBT to fit the developmental age and unique needs of each child. Using a combination of play and talk, Jeanne teaches children how to be stronger than the "bully in the brain," putting the child in control of their anxious thoughts and feelings. 

Jeanne's training in pediatric CBT includes coursework from the Massachusetts General Hospital  Psychiatry Academy and the  International OCD Foundation.  

boy and girl feeling confident on playground jungle gym

If you feel that your concerns/needs are a good match with Jeanne's areas of specialty, please feel free to email her to ask about booking a
free initial consultation

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